Confused about the market?

Have you read the story of 'blind men and an elephant'?

With so many information about the market and investment opportunities available to us - from news, charts, books, blogs, company websites, forecasts to advices from gurus, how many of us are NOT just 'seeing' the things we want to 'see' and noises we want to 'hear'?

We not born investors or traders in the market. Most of us started off like blind men feeling the elephant.

Don't despair, it's not end of the story yet.

We need to recognise that it takes time to touch and figure out the elephant of the market.

Don't jump to conclusions without first asking the What, Why, How and When. Read, listen, internalize (or regurgitate), draw the connections, then conclude.

"Be greedy when others are fearful." - ask the what, why, how, when on this.
"You should invest in STI ETF at this juncture." - ask the what (what it constitutes of, the risk factors...), why (why you should choose etf over other investments), how, when.

Don't stay in one spot.

Don't just listen to one party.

Don't follow others blindly.

Get your facts right then make your conclusions and decide on your next course of action. And remember risk management.

Warning: The market is a wild beast, not a docile elephant



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