10 Rules to closing sales

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It's been seven years of front line sales work, I start to think it's about time for me to move on to do something else. Doing sales may prove to be challenging work, especially for a fresh grad or natural introvert which I think I was once both.
Doing sales has toughened me up greatly. Along the arduous journey from which I didn't start off from a sales background, I have come to realize the following rules on doing and closing sales these years...

  1. Smile

  2. Speak your customers' language

    Communication is tough if one speaks chicken and one speaks duck. Language is really a power tool.
    Ok, now where's my Google translate...
    1. Cluck cluck... you talking to me?

  3. Ask and listen before you speak.

    There's a Chinese saying: "The more you talk, the more err." So learn to listen first.

  4. Speak with confidence and conviction

    When you do open your mouth.

  5. Identify the potential client

    80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients?
    If the customer cannot describe what he wants (as he doesn't know what he wants at the moment) and doesn't seem interested in what you have to offer, then he's a 'browser'.
    No need to waste your breath further.

  6. Avoid technical or bombastic terms
    Use simple terms to instill ideas. Customers would not be impressed, they would be confused instead.

  7. Avoid giving too many choices

    Because that makes it hard for them to make up their minds. Customization is going to be the new trend.

  8. Engage

    Look at what product(s) they seemed interested in and engage them about it, eg. list some pros and cons for them (but more pros of course). At the end of the day, they will feel good if they are the one who comes to the decision of purchase. Don't make them feel force-fed.

  9. Be prepared for After-Service

    In times of complains / feedback - instead of giving explanations, it's best to offer solutions to the problems they encountered.

  10. Appreciation

    Customers might not be always right (I am sure your boss tells you otherwise). Still, do acknowledge their feedback and remember to say 'Thank you'.



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