The busiest have the most time; the diligent, the best health

This is a phrase from the '108 Adages of Wisdom' app which I have downloaded to my phone (I like motivational quotes on my phone so I can view them very often). I laughed when I first saw it because it sounded so contradictory - how can a busy person have the most time? But as I think deeper into the words, they do make sense...

When you are busy doing purposeful things, you actually will have more time than you thought because you could accomplish more. When you are diligent in exercising and watching your diet, you will have better health. That is what I eventually deciphered.

But contrary to diligence, discipline is just as important.

I signed up for the Amore $78 trial package to have a feel of the classes they have to offer. Because I paid, I felt more compelled to go. Even the free $100 ActiveSG is not enticing enough to make me go swimming regularly. Although I would say it is still a good effort by the sg government to encourage citizens / PR to embark on exercises.

As a result of not swimming regularly, I actually got a jaw ache yesterday. *Groan when I chew*

Going for basic pilates today. ciao~



  1. Rainbowcoin,

    How on earth can one get jaw-ache from swimming?

    Free-style from the constant head turning?

    I only swim frog style.

    Wee-bit. Wee-bit.

    1. Because I breathe every 1 stroke of frog style haha and I swam more than 10 laps. If constant head-turning then would get neck ache haha.


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