Canon, shot-gun or catapult?

It is not my passion to study. Now I am seriously considering going back to study - for passion, a passion for business. Doing which I hope to be propelled out of the 'steel rice bowl' arena of medical field which I am currently in (and not of my passion), to a whole new treacherous but more exciting playing ground of business and management.

The million dollar question is - is MBA going to be a worthy investment in Singapore? Read

And the next million dollar question is - should I self-finance the study or wait for sponsorship later?

I shall use the following analogies to further elaborate on my choices:

1) Spend a bomb to get a canon with the intent to shoot down some big prey (prospect and earnings). Pray that the canon would not be used only to kill ladybird.

2) Wait till I find a sponsor (employer) to supply me the bomb for me to get the canon. Kill whatever prey that the sponsor offers to me even if that is just ladybirds. This entails also a bond and the terms offered would be yet another story. But at least I own a canon.
Something noteworthy

3) Get a shotgun first (post-grad dip in business) to shoot down small prey then observe if a canon is necessary.

4) Save the money and just self-make catapult (self-study). Improvise from there.

Which is the best choice?

I think the answer is getting clearer.



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