The decision to quit

Ambivalence - that's the key word for me these 2 months. It probably made me sprout a few more strands of white hair (and I probably don't need my student to point them out). After weighing the costs and benefits, my decision is finally to quit.

It's been 5 years since I joined (this company), including the bond period served. Now I have decided not to trade my time for money, trade my time for something that I don't enjoy doing most of the time and it has come to a point of stoic-ness at work. The risk here that I have to undertake is not having a stable income for a while until I settle for another full-time job. However, considering the amount of things that I can try out and courses that I have always wanted to take up which I would be able to after quitting, I figure it should worthwhile.
Two courses that I would like to take would be Japanese language (to continue from my previous studies) and Post-grad dip in business.

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In life, we have to keep moving on. Keep exploring. If we are pacing about at the same point of a path for too long, we will gradually become afraid to step away, make a turn or make a different choice. We need to give ourselves a kick to get liberation from this status-quo even if it means there would be uncertainty ahead.

Remember, if we do not move we will never reach our goal because our goal will not move towards us automatically.

Counting down to the exit interview.



  1. Rainbow coin,

    Have you started on your journey of "own time; own target"?

    Have fun!

    By the way, it's good you have written down your "final decision".

    10 months into my "sabbatical from work", I tell you there were days I were very much tempted to return back to the land of work, structure, routines...

    Lucky I had my blog to remind me the reasons why I left in the first place.


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