Looking at Tavi Gevinson

I vaguely recall seeing her name in the paper but I have never really bothered much, looking at the headlines, I thought she is just another materialistic teenage star-wannabe. Yesterday as I was browsing through some fun web videos on celebrities 'real age vs dress age', I came across the name "Tavi Gevinson" once again and was taken aback by her dress sense (FYI real age 15, dress age 75 - cos she was shown in gray hair wearing some tavern blanket-like clothes which made her look very much like a small granny). So I decided to check out this 'girl-next-door turned celebrity' fashion blogger.

There is absolutely nothing I admire about her dress-sense, or rather, aesthetic sense. I am not talking fashion here cos I know noths about fashion trends and brands (except maybe for the world famous ones which I probably owned none), but from my humble aesthetic point of view she has a warped sense of colour-combi and proportion. It's like a topsy-turvy kind of mix-match she donned, which looked almost comical and sensationally... geeky on her (at least in pictures). She can say she wears Prada or Miu Miu but to me good brands do not necessarily equate good look - when too many good things are put together, there will be some shine taken off each one of them so you end up with some kind of Christmas tree effect. And if I say 'wow' to such a thing, the price tag would be the only reason. I am not condemning branded things here if you get what I mean.

Contrary to what I have said earlier, there are some things that I admire about her - her poise for her age and her courage for self-expression, which created a style that is uniquely hers. Everybody can do a topsy-turvy mix-match but not everybody can carry it off like her and also the eloquence to justify 'the fashion'.

If you dare to be different, create something different or do things differently, people will get drawn to you whether in a negative or positive way. If there are more positive attentions than bad ones, viola~ you are on your way to something bigger.

I sincerely hope that she can keep up on her unique style and not get carried away by the waves of the big brands. She's just so young.

My conclusion in this post - "THINK different. BE different."



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