Short update - STI rebounded after quake

I wonder where's the next resistance point. Just realised my portfolio is kinda weak. It's really peanuts compared to some investor-bloggers like Wealth Buch. Amidst the uncertainty, I divested some money into bond (F&N) which is supposed to be giving a more stable but lower yield as compared to stock. I was looking into buying more of the fund I am vested in but ironically it dropped but not low enough to add to more sum.

Missed the opportunity to buy in more BakerT at 0.30 (support level) during the Japan earthquake stock plunge. Now it has risen back to 0.43c. Oh well lalala.

Have been receiving annual reports from my various invested companies. Looking forward to dividend time... Not much to speak of but better than nothing.

My simple $ principles:

~ Simple lifestyle - don't indulge and become a brand slave.

~ Work & save regularly - that's no-brainer

~ Invest smart - diversity. you may fail, win or learn.

~ Minimal loans - don't be trap in debt mud.

~ Spend smart - always keep an eye out for good deals.



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