The surprising truth about what motivates us

This is a video about what are the motivating factors in work. Traditionally, it should be monetary reward. Interestingly, this video claimed otherwise.

After watching this video, sit down and really mull over it, I find that what the video says actually make sense. 

Motivation is less about the monetary reward especially of those involving more complicated result-oriented tasks but less mechanical tasks. So what is the true motivational factor for you? Think. 

The 3 motivating factors mentioned are (my input in blue): 


Although too much could be deemed as 'bad' in our traditional workplace... Who likes their bosses breathing down their neck anyway? But too much autonomy would it mean that the task might end up not being performed to expectations or to become misaligned to the corporate goals. The best solution to this might be to become your own boss then. 

Mastery & making a contribution 

When you perfect your skills in the process and wow people with your creation, it gives you a sense of satisfaction. That's inarguable. The video says that people pursue mastery and do certain tasks willingly for little or no money. Could it be that using ($$) reward to motivate work, people get stressed up and as a result find their task less enjoyable, which in turn lead to poorer performances? On the other hand, if a task is something that you enjoy doing, naturally mastery becomes your motivation and ultimate objective. 


Purpose is a much generalized idea. I supposed 'purpose' got to align with one's personal values in order to serve as a motivation factor. One must first agree with the purpose of an organization in order serve its purpose well. Of course doing things with purpose in mind save us from going round in endless circles and also from frustrations.



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