My mobile phone plan

I probably have one of the most economical phone plan around - Starhub 3G Power Now 160 (don't think it's available for subscription anymore) and am quite happy with it.

The basic charge is $20 prior to GST, and it includes 160 minutes talk time that can be rolled over monthly, 500 free SMS, free incoming voice calls on weekend and recently I discovered that Data usage within Gee! is FREE. Woohoot! 

I only discovered that after I started logging on to MSN via mobile and the bill indicated that the data usage are uncharged. I tried to find which are the websites that fall within Gee! and which are those that fall outside Gee! (charged) but couldn't find any useful information on the Starhub website. Does anybody know? Hmm maybe I would call up to check with them. Since my contract is ending next year, I am contemplating whether I should get the all-famous iphone. That would mean I have to give up this plan and get a 30 over dollars monthly iphone plan. Alternatively, is to get an iphone without the mobile plan which would means paying the FULL price for it. 

The basic iPhone 4 16 GB handset will cost $480 through SingTel's iFlexi Lite plan, with a monthly fee of $39. Starhub's 3G SmartSurf 100 prices the same model at $500, with a monthly fee of $38. M1's Value plan for $480, plus the lowest monthly fee of $36. Apple selling without plans at $888. From what I observed when I am outside, about 4 out of 5 people I see with a mobile are using iphones. Is it just a hype? Another time-consuming device that get you hooked? Or is it, as my partner at work says, a life-changing experience? It leaves me pondering... perhaps it's just those free Apps that make it oh-so-attractive, but will Apple decide to convert them to payable services one fine day?

Another option would be to get an Android phone if I want more 'sophisticated' functions than just calls and SMS, although I haven't an inkling on its full benefits.

Since it can connect to WiFi, I can also use Wireless@SG to surf free ( and it means I do not have to get some expensive data plan)!



  1. This was before I found out the fantastic deal of a corporate phone plan. Now on 3G Flexi Lite with 12 GB local data. In a way it saves the hassle of looking for WiFi spots and have the convenience of mobile internet connection wherever there's 3G signal. :)


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