Caught by surprise MMS charges

I was caught by surprise when see that my latest phone bill has got a freakin 20 charged MMS (at $0.30 each). I realised that my very 'smart' Galaxy S phone has absolutely no noticeable alert, symbol or restriction, whatsoever, when I send multimedia messages... This probably happened when I mass send intended-SMS to my colleagues. I do so by simply selecting and adding their names to my msg contacts. Unless I scroll through every contact that I have added, otherwise I would have no way of knowing if I accidentally selected email instead of phone numbers.

That's how I unknowingly incurred these charges. *Annoyed* I doubt there is any apps around to warn against MMS messaging.

I could only get around this by deleting all my stored email contacts and re-sync my email account with my phone so that it would be cleared of all email adds. Then I un-sync my email account with my phone's contact so that it will not 're-import' these emails into my contact list when messaging. What a hassle! I wished the contact list would show the contact details instead of just showing the names so that I would not unknowing click on it thinking it's only the phone number.

Let's see if this month's bill is MMS-free after my special measure.



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