STI @3001 - consecutive falls in the past few days

It is difficult to determine the support levels as Middle East situation has yet to settle. When will STI stop falling? Has the bull run come to an end?

Don't wanna catch a falling knife...

Current stocks watch:

1) SPH - support at $3.90?

2) Bakertech - support at $0.30?

3) Capmallasia - support at $1.83 just broke. Newest low at $1.77.

4) First Reit - Strong support would be at $0.66.

5) LippoMapleT - support at $0.50. Next support at $0.46. Current price @$0.53.

6) Hyflux - Price dropped in Dec after bonus share distribution. Current lowest @$1.92. Support indeterminable.

I think the charts at is better than Yahoo!'s.


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